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    The SLCAPITAL is a leading blockchain investor, Mr. Qingwei,Shi and the group's early investment firm, founded in 2018,Focus on finding blockchain areas and investing in the best entrepreneurial teams in the industry chain
    SLCAPITAL relies on the early block chain media SHARED FINANCE, a huge user community as well as, data resources,by the senior digital money investors, famous, rating agencies R & d engineers, as well as senior district chain product managers, a group of highly experienced professionals in the industry,find valuable and worthwhile initial start-up teams.
    Our grades
    Total investment project
    20 multiple+
    More than a dozen times the return
    Total investment amount in 2018
    20 billion dollars
    Total valuation of investment company
    Investment case
    A distributed network of intelligent economy
    VeChain is the world’s leading blockchain platform offering Blockchain-as-a-Service to enterprises for products and information By leveraging on blockchain technology
    Bibox is a leading high-quality digital asset exchange platform.
    The first native multichain system that supports EVM in the world Making large scale blockchain applications possible
    The next generation decentralized blockchain fog computing platform
    Cryptocurrency community ecology
    New generation high performance decentralized application platform
    Digital asset trading platform
    SCRY.INFO is the world's first blockchain-based quantifiable data exchange platform for real data storage, validation, sharing, analysis and trading
    Develop intelligent contracts for different industries using state-of-the-art, hardware-based trusted, computing technologies
    Building a decentralized global open source, new community software system based on block chain technology
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